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Elegant and chic, located on the stunning Adriatic Sea coastline and sheltered by the slopes of the Učka mountain, Opatija can indeed boast of an exquisite geographical position. Easy to reach, it is the closest central European exit to the sea, with an enjoyable climate providing a true Mediterranean experience throughout the year.

Best known as the "Adriatic pearl", Opatija has kept its appearance since the end of the 19th century. Thanks to the lush parks, a long promenade along the sea, amazing villas and hotels, it has become a destination visitors opt for to relax and enjoy themselves.

Here in the heart of Kvarner you can make the most out of all 365 days of the year! Springtime in Opatija is known for sunny weekends perfect for exploring the amazing nature parks located nearby. 

As the hot summer days and nights begin, it becomes a true cultural and artistic mecca, turning into a stage with no barriers between the artists and the audience. Multimedia, film, literary and theatrical events as well as concerts will be just the thing you need to make the best out of your stay and have an unforgettable summer.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and all of its benefits, Opatija has been long known as a first-class destination, not just during the summer but during the autumn and winter as well. Plenty of excursions and activities to choose from during the autumn perfectly complement the numerous culinary events inspired by this region's products! 

Sunny days and an enjoyable climate will invite you to visit Opatija during the winter as well and breathe new life into your body and spirit by walking around in the fresh air or enjoying some of the revitalization programmes in the wellness centres. And you'll see just how fun winter can be during the carnival, Opatija’s fifth season of the year, and all the colours and laughter it brings!

Get to know this lovely small town in Kvarner, a place visited by the most prominent European artists, kings, emperors and dukes. Its diverse offer ranging from the Carnival to food festivals and sports events, including the proximity of the world-known Plitvice Lakes, will provide you with everything you need for an eventful and carefree holiday.