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Business hotel in the city centre of Rijeka providing you with the comfort of your own home or with the relaxed working enivronment of your office.



Explore Rijeka

Thanks to its location in the heart of the city, in the historic street of Dolac, the Grand Hotel Bonavia is a guest-oriented hotel in every sense of the word, either for a demanding business person or a tourist wanting to feel the rhythm of Rijeka.

If you are looking for a hotel in Rijeka and you would like to stay with us, you will have a chance to feel the genuine rhythm of the city and enjoy it to the fullest, diving into a multicultural Rijeka, which is well known for its warm welcome and embrace to all the guests. You will not need a car, just a little spare time and a smile which will reflect back on the faces of the many inhabitants of Rijeka.

Just a few steps away, you will find the city promenade - Korzo, numerous museums - the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the  Natural History Museum, the Rijeka City Museum, the  Rijeka Maritime and Historical Museum od the Croatian Littoral, there is also the Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre, a number of institutes and institutions, a shopping zone, the open market with one of the most beautiful fish markets which you shouldn't miss, numerous cafes, restaurants and bars for a great night out - and it is all just a few minutes away. 

The charming double-decker touRIst bus, which was painted by the famous artist - Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić - in his original and joyous style, can take you up to Trsat Fortress and the Our Lady of Trsat Sanctuary or to Opatija.
great night out might take you again to Rijeka, where the Phanas Pub, the  Boa Club or the Pommery Bar could be your most precious memory ... of course, apart from the Bonavia.