Quality and tradition for 140 years
Business hotel in the city centre of Rijeka providing you with the comfort of your own home or with the relaxed working enivronment of your office.



Café Dante

You can have your morning cup of relaxing coffee or a piece of your favourite cake at the Café Dante, or you can just pass the time with friends in this quiet setting in the centre of Rijeka, indifferent to the crowds and the noise. Our comfortable and spacious summer terrace with a view of the sea and the Korzo, the city promenade is the choice of many  Rijeka residents.

Dante Coffee & Pastry Shop

Want to try the best cakes and pastries in Rijeka? When in Café Dante, you will always find yourself in a serious dilemma – which cake or pastry do you just find irresistible today? The caramel or chocolate cake, the cheese cake, the famous Sachertorte...

Do you need a cake for a special occasion? Or perhaps you don’t know what to give your friend for her birthday? We are certain she would be more than pleased to receive the perfect cake made of 4 different types of chocolate…

In the comfortable, air conditioned ambience of Café Dante you can find that perfect cake among the large selection featured in our catalogue.  However should you not be able to find what you’re looking for, you can design the cake yourself.