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Wellness Centre in Rijeka

How much are you longing for a moment of relaxation in your hectic lifestyle? Do you have enough time for them?
There is good reason to steal the time just for yourself, treat yourself to a little amusement whilst relaxing and dive into our small idealistic wellness oasis.

Wellness centre

The 250m2 interior with its soothing colours, soft music and subtle scents, minimalistic design, bamboo flooring and natural materials that is enriched by the ambient lightning of the Wellness Centre is dedicated to your relaxation, beauty and health improvement and is located on the lowest floor of the hotel, in the area of the famous Captain’s Club.

Beauty treatments

Health or beauty? We know that it can be a tough choice, so we're proposing - both... The numerous face/body beauty treatments, relaxing or therapeutic massages – all you have to do is choose which treatments you will be enjoying today.
And we don't have the slightest doubt that you'll want to
repeat that experience...

Fitness centre

You will find the most modern professional machines made by Precor, the U.S. company in our fitness club, which will ensure you do not skip your training and daily body care even for a day. In the morning or in the evening, in the day-time break, it is up to you to choose the time...